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The orphan car problem is a serious issue with non-Teslas, too, but I will personally stick to repairable vehicles. You know what you'll never, ever have trouble finding parts for? A Mustang or an F150. Corvettes. Carollas. All of the ubiquitous cars will have parts produced for a seriously long time.

XJ cherokees here. Love em. Room for elbows whereever you need to wrench, and highly reliable heavy parts. The electronics are meh, and rubber degrades with time, but you can replace all that stuff with a simple screwdriver.

The corner auto parts shop stocked almost every part I needed to work on a 1982 F-150.

Isn't this more of a network effect than something inherent to Teslas?

Nope, tesla will not allow you to order parts, or even look at a service manual as a mere owner. Its crazy that people on HN of all places defend their customer-antagonistic practices.

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