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As is so often the case with articles about Tesla the headline is completely misleading. No cars are getting bricked. Tesla fixes that problem by replacing the bad board but they won't replace the bad chip on the board and they won't sell the chip separately. Other manufacturers don't generally do that either.

Except this is exacerbated by a very dumb software oversight that is corrected for by virtually everyone in the Tesla software modding community, and in many cases Tesla has not covered the board replacement after the initial warranty expires (which happens just before the estimated failure time).

And as always anyone defending them is flagged like you despite this being pretty clear

> they won't replace the bad chip on the board

There is no bad chip on the board.

A full chip is not a bad chip, and there is no reason why the board should stop working on account of a full memory chip which contains a syslog that is not used for anything.

Hacker News is riddled with shills and apologists for atrocious corporate behaviour.

You misunderstand both the functional properties of flash storage and telsa's blunder. Tesla's mistake was sending too much data to the chip, yes, but it exceeded the WRITE ENDURANCE, not the capacity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory#Memory_wear

(Incidentally, not a shill or shareholder, but rooting for tesla due the fact GM pushed for leaded gasoline and ford would rather litigate than fix dangerous vehicles. We're rooting for the underdog here hoping for global positive change.)

Apparently the issue is the eMMC storage wearing out and failing, not simply getting full. Since it’s soldered on it is not a feasible repair at the shop.

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