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you need to understand perturbation theory in the context of qft. that's no small feat but since it's a pretty universally studied grad core subject there's a lot of material. this book was actually suggested to me here


two good (Gentle) senior undergrad books are



and then there's always griffiths


note that you don't need to read this cover to cover if you're not interested in actually doing calculations. you can skim.


This guy (Dietterich Labs), does in depth (steps) derivations of cool QFT stuff. This is slightly unique as they are less handwavey than lectures (Which are often supporting written material, or at least harder to follow online) and also more informative than the calculations in some books (I think Peskin and Schroeder can be horrific unless you have someone to ask stupid questions too, if you're like me [Well read, but not that sharp on the bell curve of academic bragging rights])

Quantum Field Theory for the gifted amateur is also pretty great (And Pretty actually), Zee for the working man or something like that

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