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A blueprint to write copy that converts, even if you're an awful writer (docs.google.com)
56 points by louisswiss 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Caveat: I haven’t read the doc as I can’t get it to open.

There is no one size fits all blueprint.

There’s a long tradition of people promoting their one true way to create sales copy. In the recent past, much of this has been a rehash of the 1950s style of long form copy that bashes the reader over the head until they finally relent.

For all the advice I see promoting that form, I don’t see people using it other than in sketchy scenarios (MLM, etc).

Unless we are talking about content marketing, then we are not in an era of long form sales copy. Who has the patience?

You want to sell to someone then you need to understand their needs and preferences, then write accordingly.

>Unless we are talking about content marketing, then we are not in an era of long form sales copy. Who has the patience?

Even content marketing tends towards shorter content these days. Sure, there's the occasional in-depth longer-form piece about some topic that really demands more words or longer video/audio. But, in general like it or not, the trend is towards bite-size chunks, more graphical, easier to consume content.

Unfortunately, there's something a bit formulaic about a lot of digital marketing content. That doesn't mean it can't also be useful and engaging. But a lot of branded formulaic content (e.g. the mini-Dummies books) makes me roll my eyes a bit but it can be really effective.

Well it's certainly something watching this doc get live edited by so many people.

Probably the most ill advised way to post content tho, because the recommendations are actually quite good and simple. Unfortunately, it's getting vandalized pretty hard.

Not to mention, now absolutely noone should trust following a link from that document, which is also unfortunate, because you had various links to otherwise monetize this free content by redirecting to paid product (which I think is an absolutely fair way to monetize), but now noone can or should trust the links due to editability of the document. Fun experiment tho.

Yeah that was my bad. I originally created the doc for my newsletter audience who I can trust to add useful comments/questions.

Posted to HN as an afterthought. Big mistake!

Interesting way to get feedback from your newsletter audience tho, I bet you get some really good info that way eh. Also good way to build a relationship with your audience. Cool idea and implementation!

Does anyone have the original link? I would have liked to read this before all the edits occurred. It could be helpful in creating website copy for a number of startups/small businesses, so is clearly relevant to the HN audience. Unfortunately the linked format (template) and the edits make it not the best way to share the article.

Love your tip to sell with the ‘Bonus Tip’ and use it in the guide itself.

OP/author here...

Firstly, sorry about the comments on the doc. I've deleted them and locked the doc so no more will appear. As of right now (and going forward), all links are correct and content is original.

Secondly, happy to answer any questions!

links seem to be broken

I suggest changing the link to be https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PyMCM_by8IabaIrBYpj4QQnm...

The current edit link drops you into a collaborative "Suggest edits" mode which isn't very HN-friendly.

Indeed, I see some wag has already suggested an edit from "Copy that sells" to "Copy that shills".

wag: noun, A person who makes jokes; a joker.

Learned a new word today, thanks!

The current link has already turned the one you also posted into a shitshow. Clicking 'Use Template' gets rid of the markup, but it's difficult to tell how much of the copy is original...

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