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"Instant classic" is exactly how I felt - I "knew" all the parts of the article but it has a new context and direction that gives a moment of clarity.

Cannot recommend this enough.

And on a slightly related note a recent Talking Politics podcast had Sir David King who was UKs chief Scientific Officer to Blair. Early on there was a terrible Foot and Mouth outbreak and Blair was at a loss how to prevent the outbreak spreading from farm to farm. But King understood SIR / SIS networks (and experts in this who wrote the books) and said "give me carte blanche and we will fix this - by day X we will see a tipping point" And the Army shut down every farm, and on day X the infections stopped and he had sufficient political capital to push hard on things like Paris climate treaty (which UK has a lot of impact on)

In other words understanding this article lead to a global first on CO2 reduction.

Science Works Bitches

link to that podcast?

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