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Apologies on the terminology - by invalid traffic I'm referring to bots as well as click farms and other issues as used in the Media Rating Council's definition (they divide it into general and sophisticated invalid traffic both of which have a lot of types of traffic, http://mediaratingcouncil.org/101515_IVT%20Addendum%20FINAL%...).

I'm just a bit concerned that the Russian malware dudes were re-purposing their click fraud for astroturfing way back in 2015 and they had no problem just sitting and building dwell time instead of bouncing (https://www.trustwave.com/en-us/resources/blogs/spiderlabs-b...). I haven't been able to find anything indicating that US media companies have any kind of tracking to defend against or even identify a similar strategy being used to hit their article analytics to influence article production/placement, especially when it's now known that a Russian information campaign against the US was going on at the time.

I'd love to have us do better here and you sound very knowledgeable on the subject. Willing to reach out to me by email? ~email redacted~

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