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A new version of "The Pragmatic Programmer" recently came out. [EDIT: not available yet, only preorder at amazon, beta version available at pragprog.com.] That book is all about tools and methods that a self-taught programmer should look into:


For me, that Amazon page is listing it as a pre-order, without any release date. And all the other versions (Kindle, Paperback) are the 1st edition instead of the 2nd.

Very frustrating, as I considered the first edition to be essential and upon reading your comment, instantly went to purchase the 2nd edition.

Edited to add: Found a date, Amazon is listing it as October 21, 2019.

Sorry, I thought I'd read a review of it already, so just didn't look closely to see it wasn't available yet.

It looks like you can get a DRM-free beta version of the ebook on their website, with free upgrades to published version once it's finalized: https://pragprog.com/book/tpp20/the-pragmatic-programmer-20t...

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