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>deplatforming Alex Jones

Just as a datapoint, I just googled "Alex Jones"[0] about 5 minutes after your comment and his Infowars website is prominently shown on page 1 as the 3rd result[1].

I don't have a Facebook account but it doesn't look like Google Search in particular has deplatformed Alex Jones.

(To the downvoters, this thread's topic is the Columbia Journalism Review story and it's about referrals from Google Search and not Youtube. The comment by liara_k is also specifically about the Google search engine and that's what tucaz was replying to. If my screenshot of Google search engine results does not contribute to the discussion, please explain why.)

[0] https://www.google.com/search?q=alex+jones

[1] https://imgur.com/a/KDVBHcJ

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