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> Perhaps I should write about how I run(?) a family with ADD? It would make for a lot of laughs and a some sad stuff.

I would really like to read that - and I hope this doesn't come out as cynical or heartless, I can understand that having ADD comes with challenges. I am simply intellectually curious to hear how someone lives with such a condition.

I also feel/think - but I might be 100% wrong - that many of us have "some" light form of ADD, perhaps driven by our use of mobile devices. Curious to hear if you have any thought about it.

> many of us

Well, it’s a spectrum, isn’t it!

I’ve said it a couple of times already in this thread, all is well as long as daily suffering is at a minimal, for anyone that happens to be involved.

Mobile device (constant access to information specifically) is a big problem for me, that is for sure.

I remember playing computer games competitively impacted me in a really negative way when I was younger as well, much in the same way.

The “feeling” in my brain and mind is pretty similar (phone vs gaming) and it seems to create a really bad disconnect emotionally.

This “disconnect” leads to a kind of apathy and when in that state pretty much nothing of value can happen.

I’m currently making a routine of handing my phone to my partner when at home, as I’m unable to handle it.

There’s just so much interesting stuff all over and “interesting” trumps pretty much everything else, often at the expense of relationships.

For a concrete example I described a typical grocery store situation in another post.

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