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Siri, Apple Pay, the Lock screen, the Home Screen, AirDrop, AppleTV, the Phone app, the SMS app, the App store itself.

Siri - Alexa App is on the App Store as well as Google assistant

Apple Pay - there are plenty of QR code based pay apps on the store

AirDrop - any one can write a share sheet extension to duplicate the functionality.

Phone app - there has been a voip API that let third party apps integrate with the native phone screen forever. Hopefully you don’t consider third party apps being able to intercept phone calls a “feature”? How many security issues have arisen because of that on Android?

AppleTV - you mean a remote app? Streaming from your phone - the Roku app lets you stream video from your phone and Apple just announced third party AirPlay integration.

SMS App- Google Voice. If you mean allowing third parties to intercept your native SMS phone messages, that has been one of the many security nightmares on Android.

Also “as far as the App Store itself”, the original poster said that there are no products “in the App Store”. Are you expecting Apple to sell an App Store within the App Store?

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