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> Google included, wasn't either actively censoring conservatives or if "algorithm mistakes" always happened to apply to them

I disagree with your assessment about "always". Frequently Google results are very anti-liberal as well.



I can find more examples if you like. YouTube suggests awful right-wing content ALL THE TIME.

You claim falls apart that, joebiden.info seems to have better SEO than the real site. Just because you or I disagree with it, doesn't make it Google pushing an anti-left narrative, it could just be organic.

The other article from 2017 doesn't give me the fake MLK result, so does that mean Google DID adjust their search results?

Should Google be manually currating results? Sometimes, but I think they've proven they don't draw the line exactly straight.

You're stating your opinion in an unfalsifiable way: mistakes that follow your narrative are a conspiracy, even if later fixed. Mistakes that don't are glitches, yet to be corrected, even if they never are.

What would convince you that you were wrong?

You might be presuming too much.

Look at the examples given. One is Google doing nothing to "fix a problem" (http://www.joebiden.info) and the other demanding Google fix an issue which they seem to have done - as being anti-left. Google being agnostic and not protecting Joe Biden is not them being Anti-Left.

I will not be bullied into thinking that Google doing nothing is them being anti-left. I disagree with many of the conservatives Google that have been deplatformed, but I recognize how quickly that pendulum could swing.

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