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For news I go to a small set of specific sites combined with links from an number of social media sites like Reddit and HN for wider coverage.

I think it's very different than comparison shopping - for news what someone you trust considers important and what communities you care about matters.

I usually only look at Google if I want to dive into more sources about a specific news item, which is fairly rare, and usually indicates I have reason to mistrust that something is covered properly by my usual sources, or if it's something that for other reasons will not be covered by my usual sources (e.g. let's say some local news item in a location where I don't know what the trusted local media is).

For comparison shopping on the other hand, I want to find who can sell me something cheapest - if your site shows up in Google, then I don't have a reason to go to you directly vs. going to Google and getting others too.

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