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Are there techniques to trick your mind into thinking that something is interesting?

No, you can't trick your mind into things. It's too smart for that.

The best thing I've found is to just accept you have the ADHD and work around it. If I know I'm going to do a tedious task that is going to be boring and require concentration, I usually give myself a 2-3 minute break every 20 minutes just to get up and walk around. It's very important to have discipline to make sure the break doesn't turn into a huge 45 minute sidetrack.

Actually I've found that for my mind at least this works. Do the sort of motivational tricks that your mom/dad/teacher used on you 20 years ago. At this point we go get icecream. At this point we stop for a game. At this point we go for a bike ride. If you get here you get a small lego toy. If you get at X we go to that restaurant ...

I am fully aware of the trick and I could just choose right now to violate the thing entirely. It still works.

I don't suppose that counts as tricking your mind into thinking something is interesting. Still works.

For me personally, no.

But having had an intake of decent energy during the day, and a 30 min run in the evening allows my brain to brush the teeth and put three beasts to bed at night without collapsing into apathy.

I have to constantly interrupt what I’m doing during the day and “check the sensors” so to speak.

Hands up if you’ve been so consumed you missed lunch more than one instance this last month!

Keep doing that, and the deterioration is in progress.

If not of oneself perhaps relationships? And what is “self”?

Hands up to that! It totally aggravates my wife that I can just forget about lunchtime or dinner or whatever meal is coming next because I've become so involved in something.

Right now is the worst. I made a list of work I need to do today, but none of it was very stimulating. So I opened up Hacker News, saw this article, and have been on this for close to an hour now. In that time, I've read it and a lot of comments (Jordan's comments being my favorite so far). I've decided to try Todoist as suggested by the author, so I've set that up. I already know that I'm going to fall away from it like I do every other organizational method (Evernote, Keep, Kanban varieties, physical notebooks), so a little mini bit of negativity has set in. And now all I want to do is get up from my desk, and run around to see how my employees are doing. I have 60 of them, so that could take awhile. And before I know it, I've done nothing but read about ADHD and talk about the weekend all day.

I really bash myself for these periods of the day. I feel like I'm wearing a sign on my forehead that says "Brian hasn't done anything for 4 hours!" And that sign would be true. On the flip-side when a problem comes along, I'm all over it. I'll work night and day to get it done. I'll do so to the short term detriment of relationships, but I'll solve it. If I have constant interesting problems flowing in, I look like a working machine. If I just have boring redundant work like dealing with employee "time cards" or invoices, it takes all day to get to it, and I look like I'm day-dreaming or lazy.

It's now an hour and 15 into this sidetrack. So I think I'll go get some water, walk around, and maybe sit back down and get some work done before 9am. I'll have to or else I won't get anything done. I have to attend 3 meetings in a row where I'm listening and not speaking. If you are ADHD, you know how that's going to go.

> I have to attend 3 meetings in a row where I'm listening and not speaking. If you are ADHD, you know how that's going to go.

So about 30 minutes of active listening and 150 minutes of some of the deepest problem solving time where you can miraculously focus on all the problems you couldn't before? (The hard part is if somebody talks directly to you during the latter and not the former. You'll never know, though, unless somebody tells you about it later.)

Haha! Very true. Lost in your thoughts. Better take a notebook though or all of those solutions will melt away.

Rewarding yourself after a boring activity is kind of cliche?, but it works. Eating a piece of candy after going to the gym for example.

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