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Quick question, and this is really for everyone else out there and although directed at you, it isn’t really about you.

How do you KNOW that adhd is “overdiagnosed?” Are you a clinical psychiatrist? Or a clinical researcher?

Probably not. You just saw some article written by a person who doesn’t specialize in the area. Who doesn’t have access to the full data, nor have any exposure to what’s REALLY going on out there.

You don’t know. You just think you know because you saw some Netflix documentary about teenagers selling adderall pills.

Remember selection bias: the narrative comes first and then we filter data to fit our idea of how the world “is.”

Nominally what this means is people avoid getting treatment that could make a real difference to their life.

ADHD is both overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed.


Sorry I don’t accept this as a legitimate reference.

Why not?

Because they're (neuro)typically annoying. :P

Practically speaking any disorder that impairs executive functioning and uses Schedule II drugs in treatment is going to be over diagnosed because of malingering by people who want the drugs and under diagnosed in the population of individuals with the disorder because of impaired executive functioning and self awareness.

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