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If by chance you have ADHD symptoms and you haven't been to a sleep clinic, please visit one. Not getting enough sleep can be a major contributing cause.

I've always found it interesting that the effects I get from not getting enough sleep seem extremely similar to the effects people describe from ADHD.

When I tried to look up whether ADHD could actually be a sleep disorder, I only found a lot of the reverse: Articles saying that people with ADHD often also get a bad sleep. But I certainly wondered whether the causation might be the other way around.

From what you're saying, sounds like there's evidence that it can be, at least partially?

Yeah. There's a study referenced in "why we sleep". I'll have to find it. IIRC, the number given there was that about 50% of ADHD could be traced back to bad sleep.

I have a friend who knows a dentist. The dentist said that when he sees signs of sleep issues (apnea, but he might have seem more) in his patient's mouth, he recommends they get treated. And very often, if the patient had ADHD symptoms, the symptoms went away after getting the sleep apnea treated.

And lastly, yeah. I Also get a lot of ADHD symtpoms depending on my sleep quality/quantity.

Not contributing, but worsening for sure. Yes, so what? It’s not that I can fix that; my sleep patterns is incompatible with my family’s sleep patterns, no matter what I do, I will be woken up in the early morning anyway. It’s not like there is a fix for that.

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