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To the writer (if looking on this board), thank you for this piece.

Have you ever come across this article in the Economist, summarizing research providing evidence that ADHD is a legacy of our nomadic past when ADHD traits conferred an evolutionary advantage?


My takeaway is that entrepreneurship is one of the few areas of modern life where ADHD might actually be a help rather than a hindrance.

Not OP, but as a sufferer, I boldly disagree. There may be some benefits related to brainstorming and "out of the box" thinking but they are overshadowed by the disastrous consequences of being unable to organize and execute.

Organizing and executing sucks with ADHD, but it helps in executing without much organization.

It could be a good thing in the right environment like a startup.

Trying to organize then execute something could take a month of back and forth and planning. If you skip that step, you can get it done in a week then plan afterwards.

Have you been able to find hacks and/or work arounds? Reading the article, I wondered if ADHD might manifest with a range of severities. I have heard of ADHD sufferers for whom it is a serious disability, and other sufferers who claim it’s their super power. I can see that you would find the latter claim to be very irritating.

> Have you been able to find hacks and/or work arounds?

The only way I have found it working is to outsource my scheduling to someone else. I believe that explains why many people are diagnosed during college. College is much less restrictive than school and as a consequence people have to do their own planning.

Russel Barkely, foremost thought leader, Psychiatrist on ADHD, would strongly disagree as well. Also, that article has a pay wall.

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