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I did not approach you first: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19889103

I'm not your ex-boyfriend, honey.

Also, don't call me honey. You aren't my ex boyfriend, nor my future boyfriend. That's both overly personal and generally dismissive.


Keep launching vollies instead of being actually respectful. Eventually someone other than me will notice it.

I'm done talking to you. None of this is remotely good faith engagement.


I'm sure you weren't doing it on purpose, but your comments have crossed into personal attack in this thread. Lines like "That's why you will stay the exact same and never progress as a person" are not acceptable here. Calling someone "honey" is worse, and calling them both "honey" and "sweetie" is harassment and a bannable offense. I'm glad that you edited one of those out, but it's absolutely not ok to treat anyone like that here.

I just had to ask you not to break the site guidelines a couple days ago. If you post like this again we are going to have to ban you. I don't want to ban you, so if you'd please adjust, we'd be grateful.

Here's one way to avoid that and do better on HN: let go of situations where someone else is commenting in a way that annoys you or pushes your buttons, and focus instead on places where your curiosity is being gratified. If you can't find that in one commenter's comments, there are many others to look at. That's the intended use of HN, and you can't go wrong that way.


Sorry again, dang. I know you don't like having to read an entire long-winded discussion because someone decided to flag every single comment they didn't agree with.

Any chance you can lift the posting limit you've placed on me? It's impossible to participate even in worthwhile discussions. This was just two strokes of bad luck, I promise that you won't be having future problems from me regarding unnecessary flaming. I will be more mindful of my language as well.

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