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> I'll find something you're probably insecure about and use that to sell you shit.

What's an example of this? I'm generally confused by your claim, because I've used a whole lot of internet and literally never bought anything through an ad.

I want to believe me neither but lately I've researched some personal medical issues and the amount of well written absolutely not-scientific (while citing lot's of studies) blog posts / sites that sell you something and make you believe you have an non-existing disease that's easy to self diagnose (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenal_fatigue) is pretty high for any medical topic.

If you are desperate and someone is able to convince you that he can solve your problems for only 20-50$ no questions asked, next day in delivered to your home wouldn't you click if you had the money?

how is that related to targeted ads?

It's probably not his field, but Scientology is an example. Their "personality test" is their way to find out your vulnerabilities and exploit you to shell out money to find "inner peace" through their "religion".

You're off base then. Maybe too smart, definitely not our target market.

Do a Google search for X accident lawyer, where X is literally anything, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The most expensive targeted ads prey on the desperate. Personal injury, bankruptcy, addiction, jail, death and next of kin, cancer, you name it. Think if the worst possible things that could happen to somebody. Those are the most lucrative ad keywords

> You feel ugly and lonely. Look at this group of young attractive people. They've got a vibrant group of friends and do lots of cool things like drinking ice cold Coca-Cola™. You should drink some Coca-Cola™ too so you can be like them.

As dumb as it sounds when put like this, it actually works. When you start looking for it, marketing that exploits body image insecurities is particularly common.

"It doesn't work on me therefore it doesn't work at all" seems like somewhat flawed reasoning.

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