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This is similar to what I'd heard from people laid off by Cambridge analytica. Apparently credit rating agency data was much more useful for their purposes while Facebook data was pretty much useless.

Wtf? How did they get credit ratings and where was that reported? That sounds like a huge red flag.

Companies like infogroup estimate credit score for all Americans. You can buy that + estimated income + addresses for every American for not that much money.

This has nothing to do with social media. Credit card companies and other direct mail orgs have been buying and selling this stuff since the 80s.

Do you have an estimate for how much 'not that much money' is?

You can buy a person's data in bulk for a penny each.

Credit ratings are a dime a dozen when you're doing targeted ads. How do you think the 3 for profit ratings agencies make money? I get tons of mail telling me to consolidate my student loans, it's not random

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