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> I don't have a great solution to either problem.

IMHO this is basically the answer: https://www.amazon.com/General-Systems-Unique-Learning-Schoo...

The idea is having different teachers for each topic rather than for each grade level, and letting kids move from one topic to the next once they master it. And having some statistical software to detect when kids are getting stuck and need outside intervention. This model is much better at teaching, produces kids who are much more engaged and self-confident about math, and is also much less expensive than the traditional model for teaching math.

Unfortunately in America people are heavily, heavily resistant to changing the model of education, and I say this as a teacher. You have parents who say they hate math and hated their math classes but will also get very angry when you try to teach their child in a different way than they were taught. Even suggestions like “maybe we could still have a rigid bell schedule but just turn off the very annoying, physical bells” is considered too radical.

I do understand some of it. Parents are very worried about their child’s future and economic anxiety of their child being “left behind” so they would rather go with a model that they know. The problem is the model they know doesn’t work well or at all for many, if not most kids. They worry about their children not learning under an alternative mode when the current model already drives them to playing Fortnite in their phone all day during class.

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