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No half decent programmer will randomly break backwards compatibility anyway so I'm not sure what your point is.

Consider your audience. Is it APIs like GitHub? Well guess what, you're stuck with maintaining backwards compat anyway, may as well have the relationships readable.

And if it's not and you control both ends then what does it matter because you can break links all you want.

It was touched on but less emphasized the relationships being expressed as links exposes further context than you otherwise get.

It's also nice to be able reason about shared domains. I.e. you might have the concept of a stock item and an order item. They are both represent the same thing in the real world and share a lot of information but depending on the value of self will tell you what kind of data you can expect to be a available and what domain you're in as well. Reading logs would be oh so much clearer.

I always enjoy this article from 2017 about how to version complex large old APIs.


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