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For sure. If you're doing collaborative editing, then CRDT is a reasonable choice, but it comes with tradeoffs compared with other approaches such as OT, as I hope I've explained. (The comparison with differential synchronization is not as well understood as it should be - I suspect it works pretty well in practice but doesn't lend itself to academic analysis.)

On the other hand, the idea of using CRDT for something other than collaborative editing (or certain types of databases where eventual consistency is a reasonable consistency model) is almost certainly not worth the complexity. That's what I wish I had known when I started.

Ah, yes. Very well said!!

Hey, I'm in Bay Area also, we should meet up. I've seen you've commented here on HN on Rik's makepad WebGL stuff and Joseph Gentle's OT (chatting with him on Monday!), which are both people & projects I'm fascinated by too.

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