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I wonder if that is why Americans have so much trouble. It is really hard to immerse yourself when everyone speaks (or tries to speak) English.

I went to South Korea for a business meeting and spent 6 months prior trying to learn Korean. Funny thing is that when I got there everyone I met wanted to take the opportunity to speak English with a native speaker and I rarely got to use it. Good thing too... I would have sounded like I have the literacy of a small child.

My sister lived in a medium-sized city in the Netherlands for several years and tried hard to learn Dutch, and found it super frustrating. I saw this myself when I visited her there. She would start off speaking Dutch with someone and they'd respond in Dutch until the moment she made even the slightest most insignificant mistake in her speech, at which point they would invariably switch to English and refuse to speak another syllable of Dutch to her.

Living in Korea as a male native English speaker I found the best practice I usually had was with Older women and young women who were too embarrassed about their English skills to even try.

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