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In my anecdotal experience, Polish people are especially gifted at picking up languages. I know several Polish people from different contexts that acquired a very good level of Spanish in a ridiculous amount of time, even some that picked it up from TV without any formal education and could speak with me just fine.

I think it may have to do with their language having a quite large inventory of phonemes (I have the feeling that learning new phonemes is one of the main factors in making a new language difficult to learn), but who knows.

Actually, I, as a native Polish speaker have a hard time learning English pronunciation because the phonems are much different from the ones I am used to. Languages like Spanish and Italian are much easier for us, because all the basic sounds are quite similar, no challenge here. Also, Polish have pretty rich grammar, with all those declension and conjugation rules that are also present in Spanish. It makes it easier to learn the language because at least you have a firm grasp of the concept, even if the details (like the actual suffixes used) are different.

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