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Articles 'a/an' and 'the' are simply the hardest thing to learn for me (polish native). I've spent so much time trying to figure them out. There are no rules honestly, almost every text in english has a counter-example to what english textbooks say about whether to use definite or indefinite one.

Maybe that's because we don't have such a distinction in polish or maybe there is something I am missing. Interesting thing though is that I don't seem to ever misinterpret the meaning of the text I'm reading and I'm not sure if I'd even notice if articles were missing or not

My slavic friends also have the same problem. I think it's a particulary acute problem for learners of a language with articles coming from a language without. It was much easier for me, for example, to learn Russian, as a native english speaker. I agree with you that we could probably do without articles, but it's not as if polish and russian don't have any need for them. In Russian этот/эта/это etc. are often use as a semi "the".

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