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I think it would be interesting to let the language mode control the rope, or delegate subtrees of the rope to a mode. This way, you could represent things like lexical scope in the tree of the rope, and a language-specific tokenizer could further reduce the complexity of syntax formatting.

Emacs has the concept of "faces", and many Emacs major modes have proper parsers, lexers, and even some static analyzers that they use to apply the faces. If the rope resembled the AST, then many of the issues Raph talks about could be greatly reduced by localizing edits to their area of influence. If you edit inside a token, and somebody else deletes that whole token, then it is pretty clear how to resolve that. You could conceive of natural language modes which produce humanistic hierarchies, or modes with internal formats other than text (which may have a cached text view on them) like spreadsheets or debuggers.

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