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It's distributed because there's communication with the clients going on, which requires some kind of coordination to achieve agreement on the result of two simultaneous edits.

I think the assertion is that the edits are not distributed. Instead, an intent to edit is sent to a central server which forces them to be serialized or rejects them. It is not merging distributed edits.

I'm not sure if this is a) the assertion or b) correct/relevant.

This is incorrect. Edits are made locally and sent to the server. The server merges the edit with any edits it received in the meantime from other clients. So the server serializes the rebased edits.

I'm not sure this is disagreeing with me. If a single central server/service is serializing and rebasing the edits, that is what I took the assertion to be.

Decentralized world be the clients communicating their edits to each other.

It can be confusing, as github is a centralized service for git, a decentralized protocol. So, much of the terminologies get blurred.

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