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An Analysis of Pre-Installed Android Software [pdf] (imdea.org)
54 points by mrzool 38 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Interesting paper. I didn't fully read it yet, but according to the figures :

- Samsung looks worst than any other vendors (incl. Huawei) about permissions granted to pre-installed apps

- Apps probably set many hidden cookies and identifiers in logs, possibly share information with other apps and bypassing permissions ?

Quick note :

- figure 1 is not much readable

- figure 3 looks broken or misaligned

I skimmed through the paper. I m thinking of keeping it to give it to anyone who asks me why I bother replacing stock ROMs with LineageOS on my devices.

Just make sure the whole combo can call your country's emergency number: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19479636 The Reddit link describes the the details for scheduling a 911 test call in the US, and as the link details, this failure has also been known to happen with stock phones.

Agreed. Another satisfied LineageOS (Nexus 6P) user here. Huge thanks to any devs that might be reading this. Our intimate private data is not a commodity!

Unfortunately installing a custom ROM voids Google's SafetyNet, which stops many important apps from working, like Google Pay, Netlix, Snapchat and a ton of banking apps.

Before this was a thing I used a custom ROM on every device, but now it's quite difficult.

Not really, It depends on your ROM.

As a rule of a thumb if you install pure lineageOS+openGAPPS+fdroidPriviligedExtension you will have a working safetyNet. That means no root module (but you can get root by enabling adb if you really want it, e.g. for GSAM battery monitor I give it the battery stats permission from adb). With this setup my phone has google pay working.

Magisk fixes this problem, though. Most users I know who run custom ROMs also install Magisk to allow those apps to install and run without issue.

Didn't block me on my LG G3 on Lineage OS, which doesn't come rooted by default.

You could also buy a Pixel.

This is way better than any iPhone ad for an informed customer. Until Librem 5 becomes a reality, that is.

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