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> Personal thought. It may be tough for employee's to not see this pop to say $65-$70 but in the long run its almost certainly better to open flat than to pull a "lyft" and get a first day pop that you price your options at in your head and to then have to cut that price by 40% before you get a chance to sell.

The reality is Uber isn't worth $65-70 today given long term risk. As many others have pointed out opex is well over 150% of revenue. Now that could be fine if the long strategy can reel that in over the next decade. I don't see any of that other than a smattering of "bets" (Uber Eats, scooters, etc). I could very well be wrong but I intentionally didn't buy given what all tech IPOs have done lately. As a consumer who doesn't have the option to get in early I'm at the mercy of the large firms who can take profit off large positions which snowball bringing the valuation back to reality. I think we see more of these "backfires" as people are sick of propping up large financials and more caution around waiting for stocks to settle. If Uber employees expected it to pop north of $50 they're going to be waiting a while. There's no reason to buy now, risk is high that a few large trades sinks the stock into mid $30s or lower territory.

Business Insider had a nice graph that put the valuation into context: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/uber-technol...

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