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Would love to hear more details about your story.

What were you doing before exactly?

What tech specifically do you feel helped you?

I was at an insurance company upgrading old systems to use less old technology. I had an information science degree and was a pretty lousy programmer.

HackerNews helped to demystify working at a software company. It just seemed more and more in reach as I kept reading and contributing. The most important thing though, is it taught me to get my shit together before making a comment. That extended to being more rigorous in all the work I did, leading to success. I also came across tons of articles about how to level up, and cool resources where I could practice coding challenges. Looking back, it was like having a rich community at tech-oriented company without being able to work at a place like that.

It's really hard to draw a line, but I think I just gained familiarity with the industry and learned to tell when an technology idea is bullshit or legit. All that led to more confidence and that shit is gold when it comes to leveling yourself up.

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