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Is that really monetizable?

I feel like Uber's biggest revenue generator would be putting a small smartboard in front of passengers and selling targeted ads.

Data isn't valuable. Using that data to create a product that people will pay for is (e.g. showing an ad to someone en route to the restaurants across the street).

Hah, I guess they'll do that within the next year (the ads thing). Tell drivers they'll earn more if they did that, or the passenger can hit a button on their phonw to turn the thing off for a "premium ride". Just xx cents per ad-free minute!

Or most likely the driver will agree to put the running gadget in the glove compartment for an off-the-app tip.

"Please verify your ride by pointing your camera at the information screen"

"Uber needs to access your microphone to communicate with the information screen"

"I can't communicate with the information screen Dave. It's voice sounds muffled. Have you done something with it?"

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