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Yes, but it's getting burned by these borderline deceptive tactics that drive small software companies to begin to take harder stances on things like this. I can't tell you how many times we've been run around the ringer for discounts, extra support, customizations, etc. only to suddenly not hear from the person anymore, or find out they went with someone else with absolutely no explanation. That is all of course within the customer's rights, but experiencing this many times on the vendor side, you begin to grow cynical, and a policy of trying to be as supportive and helpful to everyone begins to slowly turn in to a more guarded and defensive posture and your first inclination is to look for someone trying to do an end-run around your pricing vs. someone simply looking for help for "his daughter's video editing project."

Sure, I understand that, I contest that I was borderline deceptive but I understand. While I understand the frustration, the manner in which a vendor handles these responses tells a story about that vendor. We are selective in our clientele as well but we do treat everyone with respect no matter how absurd the request. That being said, I don't feel that my request was unreasonable. I don't even feel that his response was unreasonable, just that it was not the response I would allow from my organization and therefore by proxy I would not be OEM'ing his software.

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