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Right. Amazon is and has been accumulating a massive vertically-integrated empire of physical infrastructure they actually own or lease.

Uber is accumulating… uh. Microservices? Negative goodwill?

Markets, it's acquiring markets. I'm no Uber fan, but come on, they're moving into more and more cities world-wide, often without competition save the local taxi firms.

It's achieving temporary local marketshare subsidised by massive losses. The moment Uber charges prices it can actually profit from, its “markets” will vanish.

Except it's not acquiring them so much as renting them, paying each month for the privilege to hold on to the marketshare necessary to also lose money in the next month.

Amazon buys a warehouse and then shortly after turns a profit on it which they use to buy another warehouse. Uber buys users and then shortly after borrows more money to buy other users.

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