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Uber is totally banking on driverless cars to lower to cost per mile to near nothing.

I agree that Uber is betting on driverless cars to lower the cost per mile. But I think Tesla will beat them to market much much before them considering Tesla already has the tech. Elon even hinted on the Tesla taxi fleet in the next couple years. Now I realize Elon's got poor judgement on timing but I still think they will be able to achieve that much earlier than Uber. And if they do, I honestly don't see Uber surviving.

There's no evidence that Tesla has any distance on Uber, other than Elon's word which means jack. Waymo is thought to be the leader in this space.

> Elon's word which means jack

He has proved his words countless times now. I have no idea what you are talking about. Only criticism I have about Elon would be his estimations on the time but I work in the tech field too and I can relate to issues coming up which postpone the deadlines.

How exactly is Waymo thought to be the leader? It's like the same argument short sellers have been making for years that Tesla electric cars will be overtaken by other car manufacturers. Come back to me when Waymo has overtaken Tesla in actual and on the market product.

Well, for one thing Waymo's vehicles haven't been involved in any deadly accidents. Tesla's self driving cars are unable to avoid driving into the undersides of trucks. So it's hard to see Tesla as the leader here.

> other than Elon's word which means jack.

I think history has demonstrated that betting against Musk is not a wise choice.

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