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From someone who has failed at it, get comfortable talking about money or get someone who is. I didn't.

It is one of the first skills you should master.

- it is hard to make good money if you are not good talking about money.

- talk money first - do not spend days writing a detailed proposal just to discover later your proposal is way over the client's budget: your first proposal should be verbal, the detailed proposal should be the contract once the verbal proposal is accepted (even worst, don't give for free a detailed proposal your client will use to bargain with your competitors). Many clients will resist to disclose the budget but you should argue: too often people say we are too expensive, let's make sure we don't waste each other's time knowing at least the investment ballpark.

- run from clients that say they want to invest as little as possible.

- if the prospect don't know how much they want to invest you probably are selling to the wrong person - always insist to present the deal to someone that is able to financially approve the investment. Decline to present your proposal if the person is late or can't attend to the meeting, say you can wait for 20 minutes and if the person is unable make it, reschedule. Don't waste time with minions.

- in order to frame the business proposition as an investment you must understand how much the problem costs.

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