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> And what Hacker News was teaching me was that the entire IT industry was working on brand-new Macbooks, using Go and Rust, Docker and CI, to build amazing products.

The problem is, some companies are using Go and Rust, K8s, Docker in brand new Macbooks. They are not the majority, but they are there. You may care about these things, or you may not. But if you do, working on a "normal" company is infuriating. I had to use CVS while using Git for my personal projects...

Now I am typing this on a Macbook (although not brand new) and deploying Go microservices in K8s.

The thing to keep in mind is that companies are schizophrenic. In another corner of the same company, there are people arguing against Lua for an embedded system because "no one uses it in production"...

So go find the corner that makes you happy.

The converse problem is that some companies end up building or rebuilding everything the most resume-driven way possible and then run headfirst into tooling and frameworks that are either unnecessary to their actual requirements, not mature enough, or was just a dumb fad all along. The actual developers get to put stuff on their resumes and leave for a new company after two years and their replacements end up wanting to rewrite their "legacy codebase" in the newest fashions, and the cycle continues. I don't know what the solution is, other than just exercising good technical judgment.

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