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It is not the technology which is slowing down the enterprises. That is done by processes, humans and risk.

You cannot stay up to date permanently, because that introduces risks all the time. Once you earn money, there are layers to protect the money stream.

You can loose tons of money by not staying modern, that is true. But you can loose everything when you ignore a risk. The trick is to find a balance.

And all of that is not considering investors and their idea how the money should be used.

You can't avoid upgrading forever though, eventually your legacy technology will stop getting security updates and support. Then you are tasked with a huge leap from old to new.

I suspect corporates don't really want to get stuck with so much legacy, they just don't know how to avoid it.

That is right. That is the balance I mentioned. In our teams we try to update the base framework every year to avoid locking us out of the innovation in language and library ecosystem. But a UI stack for example you do not migrate without explicit funding.

You nailed this and this is very thoughtful.

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