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How to pull off a 4-man-shop:

- Have so much work on your table that you have to hire people. Don't force your growth. If you're doing a good job, you'll get more work to do.

- Make sure that the people you have in your team are committed and are able to organize their lives. Cultivate your company - e.g. have some rituals like weekly breakfasts and table tennis. Small things that increase the bond. Pay the salary on time, be open for personal conversations (personal growth of your employees is important) and remember their birthdays. Appreciation of their work is extremely important.

- Plan to spend some time (sometimes a lot of time) to guide your new employees. Try to build checklists for every reoccurring process.

- Build up savings. You should have 4-6 months of monthly income for every hire on your bank account e.g. if you want to hire someone for $4000, you should have $16k in the bank. Why? Because they may a) need longer to be productive, b) have personal issues or get ill, c) are not good in their jobs but you've noticed it too late (it happens).

-- We started to hire with less savings and I wouldn't repeat it. It's good for your sleep if you know that you'll be able to pay your employees regardless of anything bad that might happen.

Good luck!


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