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What's funny about this is that Java 8 is no longer supported by Oracle, so unless you are using openjdk or some other equivalent, IT is running on a potentially insecure platform.

Not being cutting edge is one thing, but being insecure...

There is no longer free Oracle support for Java 8. But Amazon's James Gosling lead Corretto is reviewing updates, and even backports: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/corretto/latest/corretto-8-ug/pa...

That's if you are using Corretto, not Oracle's JDK.

Large companies have support deals with Oracle (or other providers, like Red Hat, IBM or Azul). My client has one for Java 8 until 2026 I think. One of the larger obstacles in upgrading to Java 11 is that the libraries which replace SOAP clients in JDK are not patched (unlike the JDK), and have a ton of known CVEs to them.

Those are probably all the companies using Java 8 right? ;-)

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