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Are we just going to ignore the idea of paying $30k for a Civic? I hope noone is doing that.

If the poster was from Canada, $30K is actually about right for a 2019 Touring trim level (it would be even more after taxes):


You could pull it off by buying a Civic Type-R, which I think fits the theme.

The price is negligible in that the point is most people will work with Java, PHP, JS, etc at their workplaces yet indulge in the newest concepts/technologies on HN.

I have like $2k into a 90s Ranger. By the time I'm doing doing "enthusiast things" to it I'll probably have well over 10k into it.

Well the sticker price isn't 30k, but that's probably what you end up paying by the end of the 5 year loan.

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