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Probably one of the most true things I have ever read on this site.

It has been a sentiment that is posted on here just about monthly, and this is surely not the first time you've seen it. Usually it yields a lot of cynical posts with clever new phrases for whatever is new, as if there are a lot of people feeling really defensive for whatever they're using.

HN is about the interesting parts of tech, pushing at the edges. Yet the vast majority of developers are developing vanilla IT processes in shops where they want it to be the most benign, easily transferable solution possible. The differential between the two isn't surprising or particularly interesting. It's an obvious outcome.

And in ten years the stuff that people talked about on HN become the normal stuff at those IT shops, and HN will be onto something else. And on your "legacy" shops you'll be using frameworks that incorporated the best of those ShinyNewThings. Or do people really think the Java ecosystem today (or the .NET ecosystem, etc) hasn't changed over that time.

And that's okay. It's okay to wait until it matured. What isn't okay is that it's usually coached in derisive, defensive terminology that denigrates whatever is "Trendy". That part isn't cool

In your last sentence, the converse also applies to would be trendsetters denigrating mature technologies. I think that the key problem is that people in this industry are quick to play the denigration card in order to justify their own beliefs, instead of fostering an environment of mutual respect. Remember, a lot of the audience of hackernews, for better or for worse, are impressionable green management that aren't exactly qualified to start powering their homes with miniaturized fusion reactors, and would be better off to keep using things like relational databases and cobol if the ends justify the means.

Does this problem play out in respect to experimental medicine I wonder?

j2ee+oracle == aspirin? isomorphic reactjs+node == S100A9 vaccine?

The direction most comments here are taking kind of proves her point.

But also so blindly obvious that I don’t know why she bothered. It’s not like it’s news

The article explains that.

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