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IT runs on Java 8. IT in 2030 will not run on Java 8.

Are you talking about Java 8 specifically, or are you saying that for some reason there is going to be a sea-change and corporate IT is going to start using all the buzzwords and tearing down their old systems?

If it's the later, and seeing how much enterprise has shifted in the last 30 years... if I were a betting fellow I'd say big systems will still be Java 8 in ten years time. Mayyyybe a freshly discovered catastrophic flaw in the jvm causes them to upgrade a version!

They won't tear down anything. But there will be more and more systems that were built using newer things, some which we consider cutting edge right now. Some companies will get acquired, some will go bankrupt and their old systems deprecated, etc.

You might be surprised. I know companies still using Java 5 almost 15 years after release...

It will be Java 15 then.

Or maybe Keystra

Plenty of enterprise technologies have lasted more than 16 years. People are still paying good money to get help with software that's been running since the 60's. Less IT will be running on Java 8 by 2030. Maybe.

It will run on twigs and pebbles.

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