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>Maybe they just know what they are doing?

the GOP is exactly about stupid money

I have no idea what you are talking about

>Getting paid a lot of money to build something that never gets users is draining and not fun. There are tons and tons of people — super naive entrepreneurs — that are willing to pay a lot of money to build the complex castle in the clouds they imagine, and are then surprised when no one switches over to use it. I’ve literally heard people say “no we can’t build an mvp, it only works if everything is there.”

I guess in my years as consultant I have not met a lot of people who could afford my rates and were clueless at the same time. Maybe I didn’t understand what they were after and what their business situation was but I almost always found out that they had spent much more time thinking about their business than I had so I learned to mind my own business and do a good job.

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