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In my experience being a tech consultant, I would focus on the following if I had a do-over:

1. Really work on systemisation of your workflow so you avoid the trap of just keeping your head above water with all the work.

2. Run it as a profit first business.

3. Hire and delegate the things you're not good at or don't protect the core value that you bring.

4. When delegating, make sure you also delegate the decisions and accountability of the results too.

I really enjoyed 2 books which I would apply, Profit First and Clockwork - both by Mike Michalowicz.

Second to that, I would really fall in love with why I run a consultancy business. For example, if my mission is to provide the best technical solutions that empowers the access of services to everyday people, then it can also align with your client's mission. If the thing you're passionate about solving is the same as what they are passionate about solving, then you work more as a partner than a supplier.

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