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Ask HN: Did anyone else get a Google Chrome Laptop yet?
102 points by simonsarris on Dec 9, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 102 comments
I submitted the application to test drive a Chrome Notebook a couple days ago.

The laptop came this morning. The packaging was very simple: One laptop, one battery, one cord, one large single piece of paper with instructions, and one business card from Intel letting me know that if I cracked the computer open that is what I would find.

I will make a large post tonight after work (5pm EST) detailing my experiences with it and taking lots of photos.

Did any other HNers get one?

Mine just showed up while reading this post! I didn't get any confirmation email. I applied using the prompt on the "new page" tab (running dev channel build) during the live OS launch. It came in a UPS truck 9:40am CST. Sweet!

EDIT: The box it came in was pretty cool, and they had fun writing the copy for their instructions card. I uploaded a scan of the instructions card to my site http://tdupree.com/2010/12/09/got-my-chrome-os-powered-cr-48....


"Do not expose the device to water, moisture, or rap music."

Too bad. For example we got Ice T unboxing our game :)


That's the best unboxing I've ever seen, bar none. Ice T should unbox everything from now on.

also, you gotta love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference at the top, "DONT PANIC" :)

I don't get it.

Read the instruction card, you will notice that it contains not only all required information, but a lot of humor too.

I did, I just don't think thats funny.

Did you get confirmation that it was coming or did it just show up. I applied a few days ago and no confirmation yet..

No, I didn't get any confirmation email, it just showed up.

what does the "full screen" button do? Isn't chrome os full screen by default?

Hides other tabs and the address bar.

In the videos posted two days ago they showed a full screen feature which only showed the active webapp to 'minimize distractions.'

This is becoming suspiciously like a post-Singularity intelligence crop-dusting free advanced tech on remaining Primitive communities.

I have a feeling I'm going to be very disappointed when I get home from work today and there is no Cr-48 waiting for me.

To all the people who voted me up because you too felt you were in the same situation, I'm sorry. I got home from work and there is indeed a Cr-48 in my possession now! Google is truly amazing. :/

I got a package notification email, and was psyched until I realized it was the 24-pack of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that I ordered from Amazon :(

And screwed once again, this time by Target. Dammit. I don't really give a crap about that bookcase at this point.

Lanstein, that is a lot of cheese. A LOT of cheese!

Did you get a confirmation from Google that they were going to send you the laptop?

Where are you based?

Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

I got not confirmation. The outer box didn't even say it was from Google.

Same. No confirmation. The box had a guys name and Kentucky address. I'm in Boston. Really confused at first. Can't believe how fast they got these out.

Edit: Nope, not your name. I had no idea why he would have sent me a box.

Hopefully not my name!

You might very well be among the first!

I assume Google didn't ask for an NDA with this (did they ?) so I'm looking forward to the future un-boxing videos, screenshots and blogposts about this little device one can't buy (until it hits eBay ;) ).

I couldn't use it fulltime though until I'm able to code in and run Java code on that thing.

The submission app asked me to play with it an talk about it, so kind of the opposite of an NDA.

So tonight I will sing its song from mountaintops and, well, take it apart.

> The submission app asked me to play with it an talk about it, so kind of the opposite of an NDA

Fantastic move from google side. I hope more companies adopt this strategy in future.

UPS arrived about an hour ago. I had the "apply" tab in Chrome.

It runs Wave without much issue, and that crawls on a lot of non-traditional PC devices. They dropped the function keys but the keyboard does have a row of accessorie keys at the top, just without the F numbering.

Not yet (I applied as an individual developer) but I'm also trying to convince my wife's nonprofit (about 12-15 users) to apply...just need to convince them running their business as a beta test is a good idea...

They already live off gmail, google sites, google calendar, etc. so it would be a bit of a slam-dunk for them.

Why convince them? Just apply for them -- if the machines show up, I'm pretty sure they'd be 'convinced'..

(I applied for an individual machine, as well as a set for my office)

Subversive...I like it :)

I got a knock on my door a few minutes after reading this post. Signed up via the QR code during the presentation.

Also, it seems to be working with my Apps account. Yesssss.

I received one also, crazy, I filled out the anonymous (non-dev) form 2 days ago.

Hmm, I applied twice, from http://www.google.com/chromeos, and from the link in the dev version of the browser. I wonder if that will actually hurt my chances of receiving one... :/

I'm not sure if it does or not. I did the same thing. Since the applications were so different, I figured I would fill out the general one on their website in addition to the one linked to from within the chrome dev build (I used the same Google account for both applications). I got my Cr-48 this morning, so it must not have counted against me too much.

I did the same thing, but first from the browser on Tuesday. Instant regret for filling out both, but the longer form has a lot more info that I thought they'd like. Either way, something worked. It showed up today.

Wow, when I filled out the application (developer) form only two days ago I was sure I wouldn't be receiving one considering they even mentioned there were limited numbers available.

Mine showed up at my doorstep just over an hour ago. Amazing.

I just got mine too. Sadly, as expected, flash brings it to its knees and fonts look like Linux :(

Otherwise pretty sweet. Think I'll try and sneak some better fonts on somehow and then use it for everything save Hulu and development.

> I just got mine too. Sadly, as expected, flash brings it to its knees and fonts look like Linux :(

Fonts look better on my Ubuntu than on OS X. Don't generalize.

The fonts are fine, the rendering is an issue simply because we can't replicate 10+ years of proprietary work in fewer months. We're actively working on this. Be glad you didn't see the alpha ;)

Wow. I'm sorry if my tone was off-putting, but what I said is true. End users won't get their devices for free and won't be forgiving. Sugar coating doesn't help the product succeed, which is what I want.

Flash performance matters. Right now it's not possible to watch web video (save for sparse HTML5 video content which works), or video chat in Gmail. I want to get a ChromeOS device for my grandparents, for video chat, and if it ships like this I can't.

Fonts might just be my personal weirdness, but I notice them and care a lot about them. I even installed Calibri on my Nexus One, and have replaced most of the fonts on my Ubuntu Maverick installation too. Linux font rendering has never been fantastic, but it's OK now. My issue is that no open source fonts I've seen shipped with any Linux distribution can compete with OS X's or Windows 7's shipping fonts.

I've been using the device and I like it a lot. I've even filed a few bugs to try and help out. I won't pretend their aren't problems, and I won't be useful to Google as a tester unless I'm honest with myself, them and others.

Explain to me this: you receive something for free, and your first response is to find out what's wrong with it ?

It's a test/dev machine, I'm pretty sure that's the point.

Interesting. I'd be so happy to receive a functioning computer for free with some new OS on it that I'd be too star-struck to see its warts for quite a while.



I agree that it shouldn't, which is why I described it as "murder", but police in most countries enjoy a strong public-opinion presumption in their favor, since they most often fight against criminals, not innocent people. This means that they almost always get away with murder when they commit it, which attracts thugs to the police force and stabilizes police corruption.

Keeping the police accountable is a very difficult task. I don't know whether the Netherlands is succeeding in doing that, or whether you're just unaware of their failure due to never having been treated as a bad guy.

Yes people do die in jail here. The causes are, in descending order of frequency: suicide (hangings), natural causes, inattention (probably some of the suicides fall in to this category as well and it is very bad for your career as an officer here to have that happen on your watch) and finally police brutality.

The latter is but a very small fraction of the total.

I applied, but from a UK address. So I'm not expecting to get anything.

I understand that Google will only ship the device to a US-based address and cannot send this device to a P.O. Box or address outside of the US

From the TOS at the bottom of the application

Indeed, that's why I don't expect to get anything.

Ditto -- I'm Canadian, so I'm not holding out hope. I'd kill to get my hands on one of these to use as my daily beater at school.

I submitted as an individual, but haven't heard anything yet. I did already say my goodbyes to the CAPS LOCK in anticipation.

I applied yesterday (the day after the live launch event) from the Chrome OS page, and by that point they had a whole questionnaire to fill out about your internet habits and what software you typically use and stuff like that. Maybe the QR code mentioned earlier really was a shortcut of some sort.

Crossing my fingers for this one...

Good luck. Hope they are onto a winner.

I applied as a developer as soon as the link was posted on engadget during the live show. I hope mine comes tonight, UPS usually runs around 5.

Questions: Does it have an SD card slot? Do you have any idea size of SSD? Do you know what CPU it has?

To answer your questions, yes it has an SD slot on the right-hand side. I've been looking around but can't determine the exact size of the SSD. No idea on the specifics but I am aware that the CPU is an Intel Atom chip.

Just found out via Engadget teardown: http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/10/google-cr-48-laptop-torn-...

16 gig Sandisk SATA ssd 1 gb hynix memory module

So I just answered my own question. But now here comes the real question: Will I receive mine? I have already created 3 Chrome apps.... Would love to run it natively! :)

That's a lot faster than I thought they were going to get them out (I was figuring they'd be arriving around the beginning of the year). Well, here's to hoping that I get one. Definitely anticipating posts with user experiences.

do you get to keep it?


I decided to ask for one today after seeing this. I said that I want to bring the dynamic environment of Emacs to "normal people", and Chrome OS is the first compelling technology that could make that a reality.

We'll see what happens.

What are the tech specs?

In particular, x86 or ARM?

According to gdgt.com it's an Atom CPU, so x86

Yup - I scanned the QR Code during the press conference and filled out the form on my phone. I didn't think I stood a chance of getting one, but Christmas came early today.

Nice machine.

I wish I could have one. I applied for it from Turkey. But as we all know this program is US only (for now). Looking forward for an extension of the program.

For anyone interested, here is the full specs page from the CR-48. http://db.tt/OEOLnOY

I got one. I think that everyone that applied using the prompt on the dev channel build of Chrome got one. Can anyone refute this?

I applied using that prompt (it showed up in the new tab window), and I haven't received one yet. UPS, and any other shipping company would have already stopped (I am on the east coast), so I am hoping I might get one tomorrow.

This would be the best christmas present!

As of yet don't have one. But I'm on pacific time, so may come later today.

Likewise, Los Angeles. Will report back.

Likewise, nothing yet, and I applied via the dev channel. Unfortunately, I used my non-gmail (but still google apps account) address by accident; I guess I'll be a datapoint for whether that matters.

I applied through the prompt on dev channel. No dice yet. (In Philly, so should have come by now if it was to be delivered today.)

I'm probably a little late on this, but I had no idea it was going on. I put my application in today, we'll see what happens.

What's the deal with 3G? Is it activated?

There's a free plan built in (100MB every month for two years) but you do need to manually activate it.

So what did you put in your application? I submitted before the announcement ended. But no word yet.

I applied via noticing the message on the "new tab" page of Chrome dev version.

It didn't ask for anything but my name, address, and email.

edit: it specifically asks for gmail if you have an email, and I've submitted bug reports for at least two google products on google code. Maybe that factors in?

I think I got the same page after scanning the QC code they showed during their presentation. All it asked for was name address and email.

Crossing my fingers and hoping that it was some sort of shortcut that guaranteed entry into the program.

Just got word that one arrived at home.

do you mind linking to the QR code?

I applied yesterday. Here is hoping!

I submitted too. But no email or delivery yet. fingers crossed


What's the hardware? The Techcrunch photo looks ugly :-P

Engadget has a more competent photographer: http://www.engadget.com/photos/google-cr-48-chrome-laptop-pr...

I think the hardware looks absolutely beautiful. I have never seen a Netbook I would consider to be adequate, optically speaking, but this one definitely looks like it absolutely is.

According to the original announcement video stream, the CR-48 hardware is not the actual hardware. It's a test platform for beta testing the software.

I missed that. Did it mention what the CR-48 hardware is anyway?

I'll just leave this here. http://gdgt.com/google/cr-48/specs/

Pretty vague specs there. Anyone have anything a little more detailed?

I'm in the UK, so no :(

when did you apply?

Just two days ago, I think.

wow, that is quite fast. thanks for keeping us posted.

Will it blend?

I really hope BlendTec applied for one.

Can it print?

anybody in the UK get one?

They won't be shipping to the UK. Sorry.

Wow, Google moves very fast for such a large company.

I have no inside information but I'd assume this has something to do with automation. They ask for your Google Account when you fill out the application and they said outright that they were looking for people who "live on the web". Since we know they keep all kinds of usage data about their users it's just a matter of matching an application to accounts with heavy usage and sending them out accordingly. All of which could be done by a computer.

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