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Hell no, it's not. None of my devices can play HEVC videos filmed with a recent iPhone without severe performance glitches. I fear to imagine how hard it is going to be to play AV1.

MP4 AVC feels like a great replacement for animated GIFs and almost every device in use today plays it nicely yet, sadly, most of the websites that would allow inserting a GIF in a post won't allow an MP4 file instead. For some sites you even have to convert an MP4 to GIF before uploading it just to see it converted back to MP4 on their side for serving.

Perhaps it could be handy if img tags would just be extended to accept video files (of all the video formats the browser supports) below certain size. Or we should better (perhaps) just forget such a category as an "animated picture" and switch to treating them like regular videos, introducing a separate button to insert such alongside to the "insert picture" button.

AV1 has enough support from enough vendors that it has a very high chance of replacing H.264 as the ubiquitous video codec. The headline is a bit click-baity, but proposing new web standard "now" means it would be available everywhere in ~5 years.

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