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1995: Compuserve/Unisys is becoming obnoxious!

1996: The GIF KILLER is going to be PNG! (We wait for animation. The PNG committee fails to deliver, they had a LZ method not covered by patent, they had the world cheering them on -- and having myself seen some of the listserv emails back then, some of the committee had asshole reasons thinly disguised like someone didn't like blinking banner ads.)

2001: The GIF killer is going to be MNG! (Oh now simple animation is too hardz! We're going to dump a kitchen sink of video features into it! Later! The rest of us have given up on the PNG committee) The GIF KILLER is going to be APNG! (Says Mozilla, not too convincingly but they did deliver something)

[embarrassing span of time passes]

2007: (The world gave up on all that. GIF is still alive)

[Interestingly, within this time the only other embed besides GIF that loops smoothly is Flash, and --- surprise -- it is universally hated by the Beautiful People]

[embarrassing span of time passes]

2016: With stupid player and JS tricks Geniuses loop video files that stutter and jump at the loop point and pretend they're GIFs. We have millions of colors but crappy loop stitches.

2019: GIF is still alive! Who'da thunk it. We have crappy 256 dither barf BUT perfect loop stitches! Because extending the simple concept to 16 million colors waaaay back in 1996 was just too advanced for the human race.

Let's have a round of applause for the PNG committee.

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