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This is the biggest mistake most of the people make. If it worked that way, every weekend app released here would be making tons of money. (We have better apps here as weekend projects than out there in market).But this is NOT app v/s app game. This is business v/s app. And you can't take down a business with an app. You need to create a business.Sure you can build a better 'app' then Evernote or make a better burger than McD's (one of the best in my country at least) but you can't make a better business, the day you do - you are in game.There are many other dynamics too. But just a quick note.(Note to self: write a detailed essay about that)

Great point. A mistake often partly based on not understanding marketing well. I hear things from clients similar to "Our ad looks like their ad—how come we got zero sales?" If you're still asking questions like that, you don't understand what you're doing yet.

Are you implying business primarily comes down to distribution?

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