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GIFs, in pre-AV1 terms, are simply a video with 100% lossless I-frames and autoloop enabled.

You can express the “lossless frames” aspect of GIFs today in existing video ways supported by MJPEG, H.264, H.265, or AV1 today.

AV1 image sequences are meant for sharing an album of stills, and are not a convenient shortcut for this.

Feeding a sequence of frames into `aomenc --lossless=1` should, assuming everything else is working correctly.

I believe looping is not currently a property that you can readily set at the codec level, which is perhaps the most critical missing feature of AGIF when considering codecs.

Perhaps focusing on the “loop” flag’s presence/absence and whether it’s honored by browsers would most usefully serve the post-GIF world?

Would looping not make more sense at a container level, not a codec level?

Far more sense, but containers are a disaster zone in video. Is it av1 in webm, mp4,fragmented mp4/cmaf, or ts? Where does the flag go in each?

And for bonus disaster problems:

Should AGIF continue to autoplay when in more efficient other formats it may not?

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