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This is pretty exciting. Great news!

I would love to use this for a number of things I'm involved with, but I am surprised by the package that is offered.

I'm not saying that what they offer (1 year of 350 GB for $800) is not worth the price, but I am disappointed that there isn't a smaller package.

My needs for this kind of thing are more like 10-20GB. The team features are very attractive, but there's no way I am going to sign up for a package that large.

I'm sure Dropbox has put a lot of thought into the decision though. I'm very curious about where they are going with this and if they will ever offer a smaller team account.

Personally I'd love to see a team account somewhere around $10 a month for 10 GB and 5 users. Basically same price as their Pro 50 individual account, but with 5 users and 1/5th of the capacity.

I don't think the price is too bad. It comes out to $13 per seat per month for a team of 5. Drops to $10 per each additional.

I think this is more an issue of pricing psychology. The price should be marketed as $65 a month for a team of up to 5, $10 for each additional team member.

I agree. A better price point would be $50 a month. Even with that I'm not sure if I would sign up for our team. If there was a step up from free, like $20 a month for less storage I might do that.

Ditto. I'd pay about $20-30 a month, depending on the value offered, for 20GB/10 users, and surcharges for overage.

As is this is of no use to me. There is no free trial so I can't see if it works (for me) first. No way I'm springing $800 up front without seeing the merchandise. This is a shame because Dropbox is a great service, and I don't pay for a personal account (don't need more than 2GB), but could totally see myself paying for a work account.

If Dropbox could be configured as a backing store for a NAS (eg QNAP) it would take over the world.

So you'd be willing to pay at most $3 per month and employee for a productivity tool? You're not running a real company, are you?

I've worked at places tha would be OK paying 2K+ for Mathematica but nothing for stuff like this. Real companies are not logical.

Yeah, but Dropbox's prices are too low for these places. I've found that asking for $20 to get an Excel plugin that gives you Vim keybindings is an impossible task. But getting a million dollars for a proprietary knockoff of memcached? Easy. You don't even have to fill out an expense report.

Sure, but working for a non-logical company and running one are two different things...

Compared to the current "enterprise" DAM solutions, this is practically free. SharePoint, Documentum, etc. can be tens of thousands a month plus huge setup fees to get rolling.

Disclosure: I work for a startup that offers digital asset management and distribution to large corporations.

I understand your point, but for a small startup $800/yr is not practically free.

'Teams' is a great first step, but it's not a reasonable solution to my problem yet.

In that case, you're not the target customer.

You're right, the price might seem high. And when you're a team of only a few people it's a high price per user.

Personally, I would pay this price if I had a team of more than about 5 people. Simply based on the fact how reliable Dropbox has been for me and I think it will be hard for anybody to give me a better product.

I've been half wishing for a "master dropbox account" for some time and I'm glad to know it is available, even if it's a bit expensive.

Unfortunately if you had a team of more than about 5 people you'd have to pay another $125/yr for each additional person.

Somehow I completely missed that. I got the impression the pricing was not affected by the number of users, but I can see it pretty clearly now.

They could have made that more clear.

It seems much too expensive to me at this point.

Run these numbers on Amazon S3 and you end up at $588 per year. Dropbox is a bargain at this price.

I will say that DB seems to have really awkward tiers. I could see people eating up a $13.50 per mo. per user rate a little easier than a $795 bomb.

I tend to agree - a small volunteer organisation I'm involved with just shares a single Pro 50 account among a few people. We'd upgrade to a small teams account if it was only a bit more expensive.

Our team of 3 each [currently] has an individual Pro 50 account (more than enough for our needs). One of the members has the unlimited roll back, priced at $38. That's a total cost of $397.64.

I had the same thought immediately -- nothing smaller than 350GB? -- but then it occurred to me that fees lower than $800 may not be worth Dropbox's while.

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